PSAC Local 55600 - University of Winnipeg

PSAC Local 55600, represents anywhere between 300-600 members at any given time working at the University of Winnipeg, holding many different positions that vary from Markers, Teaching Assistants, Lab Demonstrators, Tutors, Research Assistants, Research Associates, and English Language Instructors.

Currently there are 3 collective agreements represented by PSAC Local 55600 in the Academic Capacity, Research Capacity, and English Language Program. Each collective agreement has unique benefits and protections gained by their elected bargaining teams working alongside PSAC negotiators through the collective bargaining process.

Each collective agreement can be found by clicking on these links

English Language Programs Instructors 

Academic Capacity Unit

Research Capacity Unit

The local has a strong history in the labor movement over the years, but as many other locals in the academic sector, has had to rebuild due to COVID impacts, and is in search of members who wish to take either supporting or lead roles within.

If you occupy one of the positions mentioned and wish to know more about being involved in your union, please contact your Regional office at (204) 947 1601, or your Regional Representative – Ted Klassen at [email protected] as well as sign up below for updated news from the Academic Edge.