March 13, 2024

Bringing Labour to the Forefront of EDI

UofC’s Graduate Labour Union (GLU) Vice-Chair International Karina Hincapie Martinez, joined a panel of graduate students this Monday at. The discussion—organized by the university’s Faculty of Graduate Studies—featured two other graduate students Jamie Anderson and Alex Paquette. 

While Karina was the only participant who centred her discussion around academic labour as an avenue for change, the theme was woven throughout the responses of every panelist.  A consistent takeaway from all three graduate students was that change requires solidarity.

November 06, 2023

Union agrees to one more day of virtual bargaining before filing for mediation

The Graduate Labour Union Negotiating Team of the GSA met with the University of Calgary Team for its seventh bargaining session on 2-4 October.  During the last face-to-face meeting on October 4th the union team indicated that we would be filing for mediation given the lack of progress at the table, at the urging of the employer team, the union has agreed to a day of virtual bargaining to give the employer an opportunity to improve their latest offer.

September 19, 2023

GLU and University Consider Ways to Accelerate Pace of Bargaining

After a two-month summer break, the GLU negotiating team met with the University of Calgary team for its fifth bargaining session in August.  The union team was joined for the first time by the GSA AVP Labour/GLU Chair, Hunter Yaworski.  Big thanks to former team member Michael Connolly, who has moved on to pursue a PhD at another university after completing his Masters at the U of C.

While the teams made a little progress on the outstanding issues during the two-day session, both teams expressed a desire to accelerate the pace of bargaining.