University of Lethbridge Graduate Workers - Bargaining Update #3

Progress at the Bargaining Table

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The ULGSA Bargaining Team held a virtual bargaining session with the University of Lethbridge Team on March 8th and 9th.   The Union Team is pleased to report that the session was very productive.

As mentioned in our last bargaining update, the Union and Employer had agreed to adopt a different approach to bargaining in an attempt to move things forward more quickly than had been the case over the past two years of bargaining.  This involved tabling complete non-monetary packages so that all non-monetary issues would be on the table at the same time.    

This change in approach seems to have had the desired effect. Despite the length of the intervening period between bargaining sessions, the two teams picked up where they had left off, and by the end of two days of discussions and exchanges, we managed to sign off on five articles.  The parties agreed to changes to three existing articles:  Recognition and Collective Bargaining, Union Membership and Dues, and Arbitration.  And we agreed to the addition of two new articles advanced by the Union:  Joint Union Management Committee and Employment File.  The two sides also made progress on a revision to the existing Grievance article and on the Union’s newly proposed Discipline article.

Once again, the tone of the bargaining exchanges was respectful.  The Union advanced its members’ interests while trying to find common ground with the University, and the University responded in kind.  Clearly, there is much left to negotiate, some of which is bound to be controversial, but the Union team hopes to maintain the positive tone and momentum in coming sessions.

Dates for the next bargaining session have yet to be determined, but you can look forward to another bargaining update from the Union Team after that session.


In solidarity,

Your Graduate Student Employee Bargaining Team

Jackson Ham

Jenn Prosser

Luke Saville

Rachel Stark (PSAC Representative)

Silja Freitag (PSAC Researcher)

John Eustace (PSAC Negotiator)